Records from upcycled materials

About us

Won't work - Says who?

We are a team of crazy scientists, managers, musicians and music lovers. We all have lived through the times of vinyl in the 80's, the tape players, the upcoming of CD's and finally MP3 and the online services. When we thought back, we remembered the love of vinyl. The sounds, the bass, the impurities, the feeling, with nothing to be compared. Yes, some say, you cannot hear a difference. But we do.

In times of plastic being evil, we thought of a new way to build a record. Our idea: use bio waste, use state of the art green chemistry and technology and form something that has a huge history and put some eco into it.

Speaking to others, we soon learned that our idea must be crazy, and that it will never ever work. So we said, what we said often before: says who?!

We went out, turned our idea into a prototype.

Voila, the result is astonishing and will be released to the public soon.

Stay tuned...